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Living room

Gather for chatter

The living room is a place for gathering – with our family for movie night or our friends for a nice long chat. For gathering up the trinkets and treasures that tell the story of who we are. And sometimes just for gathering our own thoughts. So that's what we design our living room furniture for – to help you create a space for bringing everyone and everything you love together. Have a great living room idea? Let's make it comes true with us.

Living room Ideas & Solutions

An eye for the artistic

Take a tour around this living room turned little museum. It has all the collector’s essentials: pedestals, pictures, storage and a leather sofa that will last a lifetime. There’s a place to display anything and everything here.

For the tidiest person at home

Some people like it clean. Real clean. In this modern mother-daughter household, there’s a place for everything. The secret to keeping everything spick and span? Storage.

Serenity in small place

Though small, this serene green cottage works just fine for the lady who lives in it. With a few pieces of functional furniture and a cosy couch, she has plenty of room for herself and her hobbies.

Go to the movies at home

There’s no shame in being a binge-watcher. See how this cinema-loving couple made their living room fit for movie marathons. A comfy sofa bed, tv bench and integrated lighting make it feel like you’re in theaters.

A calm living room oasis

Take look at the small space in your living room. It’s possible to get an airy and uncluttered feeling at the same time. Hang just a few wall pieces and bring calming colours to the sofa to create the feeling of a wider, open space.

Peaceful with pine

Feel close to nature both outside and inside. Soft textiles, mild colours and natural materials from the coffee table to the cabinets create a sense of calmness in the living room. This is home.

In tune with the arts

Here’s a musical family whose living room represents their creative personalities. And while they may be a bit rambunctious, they’ve managed to find their groove. A sofa with storage and display cabinets help keep the clutter in check.

BILLY isn’t just for books

See how this multi-generational family used BILLY bookshelves around a living room entrance. They maximsed the full height of their walls so everyone could have a dedicated place for their things. (And so nobody has to throw anything out!)

Fun for the whole family

Saturday morning cartoons? Not here. This family prefers to look beyond the TV, and glimpse at the great outdoors instead. Here’s how to get a fresh, organised look — even if everyone is in the living room.

Bold is beautiful!

Liven up your living room with bold colored furniture like yellow or red. They not only brighten up your room, but also your day.