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Who says you can’t mix business with pleasure?

It might be work, but it doesn’t have to feel like it. All it takes is a comfy chair, home office furniture that keeps things organised and the right lighting for the job. And by making it easier to tackle those to-do’s, you’ll have more time to spend on your wanna-do’s.

Workspace Ideas & Solutions

Designed with flexibility in mind

A home office should blend in with the house — and this designer couple carved out a seamless space for their work. Desks with adjustable heights, cabinets on castors...and plenty of natural light. Here’s to a productive day!

Work and dine from home

No home office? No problem. Turn your dining table into a work desk. Portable furniture and an open airy space make it easy to turn work mode on and off the table.

Home office for hobbyists

Work mode off, game mode on. This woman is wild about a number of activities: yoga, digital design and online gaming. And she lets all three hobbies shine in her do-it-all office space.

Traditional style meets modern practicality

Enjoy a clean and tidy traditional style workspace with modern functionality. Make your work easier with a desk that allow you to adjust its size according to your needs and drawers unit that have slot for lable so you can easily keep things organised and find what you are looking for.

Emails by day, dinner date by night

How if we combine our workspace and dining room? You just need a table that works equally well as a desk as it does for dinner. Add red wine glasses and candle holder if you want set up a romantic dinner tonight.

First the project, then the pizzas

Make the most of a larger size kitchen and place two tables back-to-back – so you have space for projects and pizza!

A locker for everyone in the family

Create more space to live, work and play with a storage solution that can be combined to give everyone in the family a private place to keep their favorite things.

A workspace tailored to your needs

Imagine that you can work at a cosy place and perfectly tailored to your needs. A workspace that not only make you more productive but also enjoyable to read your favorite books on weekend.

Work everywhere you want

Bring your workspace to living room by placing a durable and slim desk to fit all size of space. Now you can finish your task while keeping up with their new stories. 

Elegant touch in your workspace

Make your workspace looks classic and elegant with a combine of dark green and dark brown color. Placing a glass-door cabinet to keep your books organised while you displaying your trophy.