Bring comfort and creativity to the table

Let the design you love go hand in hand with the flexibility and comfort you need. LINNMON/ODDVALD table blends well with most styles, and a swivel chair with lumbar support offers an ergonomic seat.
A height-adjustable swivel chair with built-in lumbar support ensures that you sit comfortably at all times. Add a seat pad for even more comfort!
Mesh doors provide the perfect mix of style and (semi) hidden storage!
KADRILJ is a wireless roller blind that includes a remote control (no need to get up from your desk!), and its sheer material reduces reflections on the computer screen.
Movable storage with labelled drawers makes it easy to reach, organise and find your things at all times.
NYMÅNE floor lamp provides spot-on lighting right where you want it (without taking up space on your table!).
Discreet lighting can make all the difference! Small and neat spotlights under your shelves illuminate your wall storage nicely.

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