Working from Home

A work from home guide

Working from home is like a dream comes true – no more traffic jam and you can work in pajamas. But you still need to create a comfortable workspace so you can stay focused and get the job done well.

Comfortable and organised

A desk with storage ensure that your work area always tidy since you have a place to store stationery or other important items.

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The secret to comfortable sitting for hours

The height-adjustable work chair with lower back support helps you to sit more comfortably.

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No more lost documents

Use a drawer unit to store your documents or other important things so that they are easier to find.

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Bright lighting for bright ideas

A good lighting makes you more focused at work. Choose a lamp that suits to your needs and style.

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Work from anywhere

Work from home means you can work from any room. With a laptop stand and other accessories, you can work on your sofa, at dining room, or on your bed.

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Work yet relaxing at home

Working from home feels more comfortable with our ergonomic furniture that support your health, to keep you stay productive and create an enjoyable experience at the same time

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