A home workspace set up to meet your needs

You’re the boss around here, so of course everything should be set up to suit you perfectly. Here’s some inspiration to get the ergonomics, lighting, storage and personal energisers in place.

Long workdays feel shorter with a comfortable office chair

Add up the hours you spend at your desk and it’s pretty clear that an adjustable office chair that gives you the right ergonomic support is one of the best investments you can make. So, why not do your body a favour? It will thank you later.

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A sit/stand desk does you good

A height-adjustable workstation puts movement into your day, gives you ergonomic relief and helps strengthen your muscles. Changing between sitting and standing position also keeps you from feeling restless.

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Drawer organisation lends a helping hand

The best storage isn’t necessarily the one with the largest capacity. A drawer unit that keeps things structured and easy to find is almost like having an assistant at hand – especially if it’s on wheels.

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Double functions save you space and clutter

A work lamp with a built-in charger will help you see better and spare you the “Oops I forgot to charge my phone” blues. And a monitor stand with built-in storage and cable management not only stops you getting a stiff neck, it will also help keep your desk tidy.

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Stay energised throughout the day

Working from home often means eating at your desk– things just have that way of blurring. And why fight it? Get a handy tray to settle in properly with your lunch, and perhaps a smart jar with insert to keep your snacks fresh for longer.

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For pens, pins and paper clips

Keep a clean desk with your small office supplies in order. A classic desk organiser gets the job done and can be complemented with matching magazine files and letter trays.

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