A creative nest with space for rest

Bring your A-game to the table and your friends to a comfy space where you can relax and socialise. A customised table with generous storage and a comfy swivel chair help bring out the best of your creativity.

A room-dividing curtain is a smart solution if you need more rooms than you actually have – like a dedicated space for studies and hobbies!
A height-adjustable swivel chair with a comfortable seat pad is always lovely to sit on - whether you’re studying or having dinner with a friend.
A double-duty table that’s used for both studies and dinners? Store study supplies and dinnerware behind close-at-hand drawers for easy access and an uncluttered look.
UTÅKER is a versatile bed that can be stacked, or unstacked, to fulfil many different needs. Pair it up with lots of cushions and voilà – a super cosy corner sofa.
Something on your mind (or just tired of repeating your WiFi password)? The stylish solution: a pegboard with letters.

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