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The SOLHETTA LED bulbs will last approximately 25 000 hours and they are 35% more energy efficient than previous IKEA LED bulbs. Saving energy has never been more convenient – or more affordable.

Strong performance


The SOLHETTA LED bulb illuminates at full power as soon as it’s switched on, spreading a warm ambiance in your home without any flickering or sound.

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Low energy. Plenty of savings.


Save on both your electricity bill and on bulb replacement. The SOLHETTA LED bulb is 35% more energy efficient on average, compared to previous IKEA LED bulbs.

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Many shapes and sizes


The SOLHETTA LED bulbs come in many shapes and sizes so there is one for every lamp and almost any lighting need.

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Warm light, cool bulb


The SOLHETTA LED bulb brings a warm light to every room of your home, but the surface remains cool. Pick a dimmable version to adjust your light to the time of day.

High life expectancy


The SOLHETTA LED bulb lasts 25 000 hours – that’s 20 years when used for 3 hours a day. This means that the next time you’ll have to change an LED bulb will be the year 2041. Isn’t that a bright idea?

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The SOLHETTA LED bulbs come in many shapes and sizes​


Find the bulb that you need in the SOLHETTA range of energy efficient and long lasting LED bulbs that also includes dimmable options.

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