A cool gaming station in elegant disguise

Different needs and hobbies in a small space? Here’s a how-to guide that will give you the ideas and inspiration you need when creating a stylish home that fulfils personal – and shared – needs and dreams, like having a private gaming station in the living room!

Whether you’re gaming or working: maximise the comfort with an office chair that lets you adjust the headrest, lumbar support, seat height and depth so it fits you (and your partner) perfectly.

The tiniest of details – like a hook under the table top – can become the most practical and appreciated ones.

A customisable shelving unit with rearrangeable shelves lets you build a solution that’s tailor-made to your space and needs.

A trolley on castors – that can be used across the home – makes sure that whatever you want and need (such as very important gaming snacks!) is within reach.

Need a room-darkening, room-dividing solution from time to time? Block-out curtains on ceiling track rails provide privacy in an instant!

Invite nature and comfort in your home by choosing furniture and accessories in natural materials, like rattan. A hand-made armchair is cosy to curl up in and offers a comfy place where you can read and relax.

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