Discover DAJLIEN. A home training collection defined by you

Designed for you, and your home

DAJLIEN is designed for heavy use – but it's also designed with colours and details that work even when it's not used for training: as storage or as practical pieces around the home. The valet stand, for instance, is perfect for drying clothing between sessions, while the trolley can be stowed under a desk.

Cooling down is also part of the game

DAJLIEN also includes products to help you cool down, from the air purifier, which doubles as a fan, to the yoga strap, knee pads, massage ball and comfortable cushion. These products all assist with the recovery process and stress relief – an essential part of training, too.

At home or on the go​

Can training really be as simple as grocery shopping or walking the dog? With DAJLIEN, the answer is yes. DAJLIEN features functional details that transforms everyday activities into easy, fun training moments.

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