The UPPDATERA interior organisers were designed to make it easier to keep your kitchen drawers in order, so you can spend less time looking and more quality time cooking. The cutlery trays, knife trays and other kitchen interiors are super flexible and fit any kitchen drawer perfectly.

Perfect fit for any kitchen drawer

The flexible UPPDATERA interior organisers not only make it easier to keep the drawers in order, they also look after your cutlery and prevent them from getting scratches or other damages in the drawer. Designed to fit MAXIMERA drawers and EXCEPTIONELL drawers perfectly, the plastic feet under the trays make sure the trays lay still in drawers of all sizes.

Classic white or light bamboo?

If you are looking to add a warm, natural feel to your kitchen, the UPPDATERA interior organisers, in light bamboo, might be right up your alley. If you are going for a sleek and more traditional look, the white, made from recycled plastic, is a safe choice.

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