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Working from home – happily!

Over the last while, a lot more time has been spent at home. And, for many, home has become an office too! While sitting at the dining room table or taking a conference call in the quiet of your car may have worked for a little while, your back or concentration levels might be protesting now. Thankfully, making your home workspace more comfortable and productive can be simpler than you'd think.

How to organise your workspace

Creating an organised space means you’ll feel calmer, working will be easier and you’ll ultimately have a more productive day. If you work with a lot of hard copies, filing cabinets may be the answer. Maybe you have a lot of smaller items, like stationery or cables. Why not consider some drawer or box organisers? If you work in different parts of your home at different times of day, a trolley could be just what you need to wheel around with you.

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Always on the move

Sitting in the same position for hours on end really isn’t ideal for your body or mind. Why not mix things up? Identify two or three spots around your home that you could work from and change places every hour or so. Perhaps your home doesn’t allow for multiple work spots, or your setup is tricky to move around. In this case, a sit/stand desk could be the perfect solution, allowing you to alternate between sitting and standing whenever you feel like a change.

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“An active sit/stand support is great for your core and posture, as it keeps your body in constant motion to strengthen your muscles and spine.”

Hans Blomquist
Interior designer

Breaks are worth taking

Just because you’re in a new environment, doesn’t mean you need to give up on your daily rituals! Taking a coffee break away from your screen can add some shape to your day, give your eyes a bit of a rest and help you refocus your attention. Maybe you’re missing the collegiality and water-cooler chats of your old office. You could coordinate your breaks with your favourite office pals and have a voice call with them to catchup.

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