The ocean is my home

From tiny ones to tweens, take inspiration from the ocean and create an immersive and imaginative space for your child.

These creatures call the ocean home​

Our BLÅVINGAD soft toys capture the unique qualities of each of the animals. They are the perfect cuddly companions for play and for comfort.

Add a splash of color

Journey to the bottom of the sea with the BLÅVINGAD colouring paper roll. Children can bring colour and life to the scene with felt-tip pens, pencils or watercolours.

Dream deeply of the ocean

Filled with cozy bedding bursting with marine creatures and huggable soft toys, the BLÅVINGAD collection creates a soothing setting for bedtime, reading enchanting stories about the sea and drifting off to dreams.​

To relax and explore​

The BLÅVINGAD collection is filled with expressive textiles to create a peaceful nook for your child. When they feel revived to set about their next adventure, the BLÅVINGAD backpack made from 100% recycled polyester is just the right accessory to grab for a day on the beach. ​

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