A small modern studio apartment with a cool, urban vibe​

Having a tiny space does not mean you have to compromise on style. This small modern dining  space in a studio apartment features bold tile walls and combined industrial and graphic design  elements for a fresh look that’s clean, cool and contemporary. Beige and grey tones and wooden  accents make the room come alive.

Graphic grids and grey tones add life to minimalism​​

The use of bold white tiles is a fresh new take on minimalism, combined with compact furniture with a light grey colour and sleek metal forms that give an airy expression. The off-white cotton rug and a hint of nature bring softness and warmth to the space.

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Create a neat-looking gallerywall​

We used one colour for the frames to keep the look tidy, and left plenty of space between the artworks for an airy look. When selecting posters, we kept to a theme of curved elements as a contrast to the straight lines of the tiles. Note how the rounded shape of the lamp and the chair adds softness, too.

​Finding the right picture frame​

Light and airy​

A combination of different materials – wood, metal and tile – adds to the industrial-style look. The wooden stool is practical for extra seating, but also adds an organic and warm touch. The small and flexible air purifier improves the quality of indoor air and is easy to move wherever you need it.

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A glass-door cabinet in the middle of a small space? Yes you can

The design of this glass door cabinet, with its metal edges and legs, strengthens the urban look of the space. In addition, the cabinet’s glass sides let you see through the other side of the room. The overall look is airy and light, as opposed to having solid cabinets that break the line of sight.

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A fresh and light take on the industrial style​

The bold white tiles set the tone for a urban-style look but we kept it fresh and light by using a neutral colour palette of grey and beige, and rounded shapes to soften up the grid. Organic elements – as simple as a leafy branch – and wooden accents go a long way in adding warmth to a room.​

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Recreate the look piece by piece​

Ready to style your dining room? Here are all the products and accessories to re-create the look in your own home.