Gamers’ dream room

Perfecting your gaming area by using ergonomic furniture and functional accessories which have been designed especially for you, the gamers. By combining high-performance, great ergonomics and sharp looks, your gaming activities will definitely more comfortable and enjoyable.

Show them off

Use this glass-door cabinet to display your gaming accessories and valuable figurines while protecting them from dust but still visible. The perforated back panel used as a pegboard to organise things exactly as you like.  You can move or remove the glass shelves as needed - perfect if you have slightly bigger things that you like and want to show off. If you add LEDBERG lighting strip behind the glass-door cabinet, the light sprinkles through the back’s holes and creates a cool effect.

Organised and convenient

Playing game will be more comfortable in a tidy and organised room because you will spend hours to play in front of the screen. Put many essentials accessories which are often being used in their dedicated place and make sure they are easy to grab and play.

Game on

To make your gaming experience a little more fun, show your true colours with some solutions which have been tailor-made especially for you. Neck pillows, bungee mice, headset stands, even mugs and mug holders. A neck pillow, a mouse bungee, a headset stand, a ring light. The right accessories are the perfect add-ons, helping you get the most out of your battle station.