Step up your study game

Being a student often means having limited space, but it’s possible to make room for both studies and rest thanks to smart and flexible solutions when it comes to storage, comfort and a good night’s sleep.

A desk with cable management keeps the beloved (we know how important they are!) chargers out of sight, but close at hand.

A memo board and a couple of magnets offer rearrangeable space for cherished memories, to-do lists and schedules that you need to keep track of.

Limited space means less room for furniture, so it’s smart to invest in ones that can be used across the home; such as a storage unit on castors!

Make your study sessions as pleasant as can be! A height-adjustable swivel chair and a soft seat pad offer a comfy seat.

A cabinet where you can store things vertically provides lots of storage on a small surface while mesh doors stylishly protect your things.

Maximise your limited floor space with multifunctional furniture. A day-bed can be used as a sofa, a chaise longue and a bed. Add room-dividing curtains to create a cosy mini bedroom!

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