Celebrate the Chinese new year

Celebrate the Chinese new year
Seekers of an excuse for a festive get-together, this is for you. In early February, the Chinese calendar leaves the Year of the Dog and initiates the Year of the Pig. Here’s our take on the occasion.

Your feast, your rules

When you borrow a rich tradition for your own purposes, getting inspired matters more than worrying about details. It’s customary at a family gathering like this to be seated at a round table. Then again, a square cluster of NYBODA coffee tables may work just as well.

Framing the mood

Seeing that the foremost colours of this celebration are red and gold, decorations are given a theme from the outset. Using frames is a flexible way to add to the mood – and make even leftover wrapping paper look like deliberate art.

A festivities full of cuisine

The Chinese New Year celebrations are celebrated for several days, generally for three days but some are celebrating for two full weeks. The door to the house will be open at any time and guests are welcome to visit at any time. So to be prepared, it’s a good idea to stock up on traditional cake, tasty snacks, mandarins – and always have tea on hand.”

Setting the table

RIMFORSA bamboo chopping boards and chopsticks add a special touch to the table. (The red envelopes are a more specific Chinese tradition, often containing money or a small gift.) With that, we wish you a prosperous Year of the Pig.
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Made By
Interior designer: Gretchen Broussard
Photographer: Fredrik Bjelkerud
Writer: Henrik Annemark