Working comfortably in the living room

Working comfortably in the living room

Getting your job done in the living room? Why not! It’s definitely an easy way of finding the workspace you need at home. And it’s one way of spending a little more time with the family while you’re on the clock.

Double dining-table desks

Put wheels on your two-piece dining table and you can easily turn it into a workstation for two – with lots of different configurations for privacy or teamwork. And you can easily get back to eating mode in time for supper.

See things in a new light

A work/wall lamp not only provides focused light for working, it also makes a quite unique dining-table light design. Double use is great – but with a lamp that has built-in charger you also get double function. Even greater.

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Go create with a go-crate

With all the things you need for working in grab-and-go storage like handy boxes, you can set up shop anywhere at home in no time. And just as quickly, tuck it all away at the end of the day.

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A laptop stand puts the armchair to work

It can be a nice change of pace to work from the armchair or sofa. This sturdy laptop stand lets you work comfortably in a laid-back position with everything within easy reach – like your cup in the cupholder.

Make creative space for the children

A children’s corner for creativity and studies lets everyone in on the togetherness of working in a shared space. And it’s a good way to oversee that the homework gets done without any hiccups.

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Show off family masterpieces on a memo board

Children’s drawings need a place for display in any family home. A memo board with clips makes it easy to change motifs when it’s time to update the exhibition.

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