Move to a new house? These furniture need to be prepared

Home and family are the most important things in the world. Therefore, we need to create a comfortable place to live. The key to create a dream home is not only about design but also about the furniture we use. For those of you who have just moved to a new house and want to fill it immediately, we provide a list of furniture you must have in each room.

Family room furniture

This is the place where your family gather to share their daily life or just relax while watching television. When the area is limited, family room can be used as a living room too. Therefore you need to choose design and furniture carefully so your family or guests can feel at home. Let’s create a comfortable family room by placing these furniture.


When share stories with family or friends you need a comfortable seat to feel more relaxed. The thing you need to consider before buying a sofa is the quality of the material used. Make sure the sofa you choose can last for years so you don't need to spend more budget later on to buy a new one. 

TV bench

If your family is movie lover, have television in the family room is a must. To make the watching area looks neat, you need furniture such as a TV bench to place a DVD player, hide messy cables or store the remote control when not in use. 

Storage shelf

Conquer the clutter in your family room. Organise books, artworks or picture frames on shelving storage. If your family room is limited, you can use a wall storage to save floor space. Arrange the wall shelves artistically so they can act as beautiful decorations in the family room.

Coffee table

Place a table in the family room to serve various foods or drinks as your relaxing companion. Just like choosing other furniture, choose a durable and beautiful table that fit your style and need. 


Although only as a complement, decoration has a significant impact to change the atmosphere of the room. Plants, paintings and picture frames are some examples of decorations that can be used to add aesthetic value in your family room.

Bedroom furniture

Welcome to the most private room at home. You can rest after a tiring day, get ready in the morning, or enjoy a quality time. As the most comfortable room at home, you need to add furniture that supports the main function of bedroom - a cosy bed, efficient wardrobe, and so on.


The main character of bedroom is the bed. Comfortable bed is the key to quality sleep. Therefore, you need to be careful when choosing the bed. Make sure the bed you choose is durable and has a mattress that supports your body. If needed, you can add bed accessories such as the headboard to support your back when you want to read your favorite book before going to bed.


As a place to get ready in the morning, wardrobe also has an important role in your bedroom. With this furniture, you can arrange your clothes and accessories. Whether the wardrobe is open or closed, two doors or three doors, it's all up to you.

Pillow and blanket

A comfy bed is not complete without pillow and blanket. Choose the level of thickness and filling of pillow and blanket, from goose down pillow, memory foam, or polyester pillow. If you need an instant change in your room, you don't need to buy new furniture. Simply replace the pillowcases according to the design you are looking for.

Dressing table with mirror

Don't leave the house with messy hair. Dressing table with mirror is a furniture that will help you to check your appearance. Besides the dressing table is usually equipped with a drawer so you can use it to store accessories or makeup collections.

Kitchen furniture

Kitchen is one of the busiest area at home. This is a place where you prepare dishes for family dinner or try new recipes. If you want to create a new kitchen or refresh an old one, you must have these furniture.

Kitchen cabinet

Furniture such as kitchen cabinet are very useful to keep cooking area always neat. Here you can store cooking utensils. The surface of the cabinet is usually used as a kitchen table to prepare cooking ingredients. 


Besides furniture, you also need the quality cookware. Complete your kitchen with stainless steel cookware for long-term use. 

Kitchen sink

Make sure your kitchen sink is stainless because it will always come in contact with water and soap. Although it’s used to wash dirty cookware and cutlery, a beautiful sink can bring a beautiful ambience into your kitchen,

Kitchen organisers

While preparing dishes for family dinner, sometimes we can’t find the kitchenware we need. Kitchen organisers are here to solve this problem. With cutlery tray, plate holder and knife tray, your kitchen will be perfectly organised so you can find the kitchenware easily.

Bathroom furniture

Bathroom is more than just a place to take shower. This space is perfect to relax while enjoying a bubble bath after a tiring day. Add these furniture to make your bathroom more refreshing.

Bathroom sink

Washing your face, brushing your teeth is an activity carried out in the bathroom sink. There are many sink designs to choose from and fit your needs. For example, if you have sharing bathroom and you want to save time in the morning, a double sink is the right choice.

Bathroom cabinet

An organised bathroom is the key to relaxation, so a storage cabinet is very necessary. With storage cabinet, you can tidy up a pile of clean towels and hide soap, toothpaste or shampoo refills. In addition you can also use other furniture such as mirror cabinet to store grooming kits and help you to get ready in the morning.

Tap and shower

There is no more refreshing than enjoying a warm shower after a tiring day or washing your face with cold water in the morning. Tap and shower are very important in the bathroom. Choose a tap and shower that suitable with your need and style. And if you want to save on water bills, tap and shower with aerator can be a smart solution.

Sink cabinet

When you sink area looks a bit messy, sink cabinet becomes a reliable furniture you need. Inside the sink cabinet, you can store various items, from new hand towels, grooming kits, body and face care products, and much more. 

Dining room furniture

Time to eat! Having dinner with family is one of the most awaited moment every day. Not only enjoy the meals, dining room also used as a place to do other activities, like helping kids do their homework, take care of bills, or chat after dinner. To create a comfortable dining room, you need to add these furniture.

Dining chair
A comfortable chair is needed so everyone will be happy to stay for a while even if there’s no food. Choose a dining chair that suitable with your need and style, whether have a back or not, wooden chair or soft upholstered chair. 
Dining table
The dining table is a multifunctional furniture, from enjoy a good meal, share stories with family, do homework, or playing games. And if you host a social gathering frequently, an extended table will ensure that every guest has space.
Make family dinner more special with beautiful tableware, such as plates, cutlery, bowls, carafes, and glasses. The thing you need to consider when buying tableware is the material used. Make sure the tableware you choose does not contain harmful ingredients such as melamine or BPA.

Outdoor furniture

Create a soothing oasis in your outdoor area by adding some furniture to relax and plants for a refreshing view. No matter how limited the area is, with smart furniture you can create your dream outdoor area.
Outdoor chair

When the weather is nice, what if you move your family time to terrace or balcony. By placing furniture such as folding chairs, you always have a seat whenever you need and easy to fold if you want to save space. 

Outdoor table

Place an outdoor table for food, beverage, book or other items to accompany your leisure time. If your patio or backyard is spacious, you can use a large table to create an outdoor dining area.


Sunshine and breezes are lovely, but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing. A shade like parasol will protect you from UV rays. Choose a parasol that can be tilted so you can direct it as needed. 

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