A versatile living area where calm is key

A combined living and dining area are common throughout the world, but here’s one that takes a refreshingly different approach. The young family who live here have tailored this small space to their specific needs and interests – with a strong emphasis on simplicity, time-enduring design and natural materials.

Functional form

In a small room, every object needs to be useful – but what about beautiful too? This space shows what happens when the two come together: every piece of furniture serves at least one purpose, with timeless design that adds to the look of the room.

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The only rule is that there are none

Your home is your own personal space, so make it work for you and your life. This couple, for instance, don't own a TV (their laptop works just fine for them), which gave them more freedom when furnishing their living area. Rather than a traditional sofa, they instead opted for two side-by-side chaise longues to create a cosy space for relaxing. When friends come over, the nearby stools and easy chairs can quickly spring into action.

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"Simplifying your home means keeping what matters to you. Why not store your favourite things where you can use and admire them often?"

Hans Blomquist
Interior designer

Combine and conquer

This bamboo dining table is the scene of many cosy suppers and gatherings with loved ones. It’s also where deadlines get chased and creative juices flow. The secret to fitting so many functions into one small space comes down to the flexible storage nearby. Craft supplies go on the rails, tableware is taken care of by the double cabinets in solid pine, and the two drawer units tucked below pack away the paperwork.

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