Let your living room be a playground for a day

Sometimes staying home and indoors is the only option. Use your living room for a five-game contest that keeps everyone – family, friends or kids party – busy and happy.
Living room with sofa and coffee table, with an ongoing origami-folding and drinks-and-snacks session.
Coffee table with plates and glasses – drinks and snacks – and a racetrack with
Five games beginning with origami
Arrange a pentathlon that rewards imagination and brain power as much as physical ability. Kick off easy by gathering over a round of snacks and drinks, and combine it with an origami folding game. Here we've folded frogs and made a racetrack using a roll of coloured tape, but you’re naturally free to make your own rules.
Corner of a room with a wall-mounted drawing-paper roll, a length of paper out with colourful, graphic maths problems.
Work out the numbers in a math test
Colourful math problems go well with a light-hearted competition. Fewer numbers let all ages join. A roll of drawing paper on the wall makes preparation, restart and clean up easy. (Keep it for easy-access drawing at any and all times.)
Hallway, adjacent to a living room, criss-crossed with tape mimicking laser beams. Rug and cushions scattered on the floor.
Bring out your inner action film star
Create an obstacle course from cushions, a rug and laser beams (yes, made of tape). Now get into character and act out your best spy-movie avoid-the-alarm moves.
Two partly dressed clothes stands in the shape of mannequin torsos, standing in front of two wardrobes filled with clothes.
Dress the mannequin
Fashion a dressing duel from two mannequins and a wardrobe full of clothes. Best outfit of the day wins. On your marks, get set, go!
Toss a toy animal (and get rid of the clutter)
Simple and genius: set up a basket and let the contestants target-toss soft toys into it. The same principle can be applied when you want children to help with the cleanup (only soft objects, and don’t tell anyone they’re helping you tidy up).

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Made by

Interior designer: Gretchen Broussard
Photographer: Måns Jensen
Writer: Henrik Annemark