10 ideas to maximise small space in living and dining area

Living in a small space doesn't mean you cannot be creative. With the right furniture and arrangement, there's always the possibility in every part of your home. Here are some inspirations to help you to make the most of your small living room and dining area.
Having a small space means you have to utilise the full potential of your living room. With sofa bed, you can instantly make a bedroom. Add boxes underneath to store pillows and blankets.
In current situation, many people need a better working space in our home. If space is limited, utilize your dining area as a workstation. Make dining chair comfortable with cushions.
Save space as much as you can. You can have more space to do more activities if your table have storage drawers and foldable when not in use.
The space required for one chair can be used to store
several if they are stackable. Ensure extra seating is always available without taking up space.
You can reach high storages with a versatile step stool that can also be used as an extra seat and side table.
Maximise the space of your storage furniture with boxes and organisers.  Each for different needs and activities.
A multifunctional room means it needs easy-to-move furniture. Enable mobility with furniture that are lightweight or have wheels.
A multifunctional furniture can save your space and budget at the same time! The footstool that works as storage and side table will be very useful in your small living room.
Make use of your wall space, or space between furniture for storage. Use hooks to hang and free up floor space.
Use the height of your wall as your advantage. The empty space above your door and windows can be extra storage using shelvings.
We believe that creativity is always inspiring, and we are proud to be a part of your home decorating creations. However, modifying IKEA products so they can no longer be used for their original purpose means your commercial guarantees will be lost.