Tips on choosing decorative lighting for the living room

To create a comfortable living room, you can enhance the appearance by adding the use of decorative lighting in various types that you can adjust to the needs of your space. With the right lighting combination, decorative lighting can also be an element of decoration that can enhance the appearance of your room. Decorative lightings not only function as a source of lighting, but at the same time also to provide tuning and add warmth in your living room.
Not only in terms of design, the lamp also has different lighting characteristics and effects. The height, layout and the purpose of installation are also very important to be noted. Also adjust the type of lightings that you choose with the activities to be done in the living room. Here are some types of decorative lightings that can be added to create a comfortable yet beautiful living room:

1. Pendant lamp

Pendant lamp or hanging lamp for the living room should be adjusted to the size of your room. If your living room has limited size, choose a hanging lamp with a simple look and smaller size. Do not use a big lamp. On the contrary, if your room is spacious, you can use a large one with a unique design. Make your pendant lamp as the living room accent, to make it more attractive. 

The size of the hanging lamp should be no more than 20-30 percent of the room. The height of the lamp installation must also be considered carefully. Adjust the ceiling height with the lamp that you choose. If the ceiling is too high and the pendant lamp is short or installed too high, the lamp will not spread the light evenly throughout the room. The function of the lamp will not be seen. If the ceiling in your house is low, hanging lamp that are too long can also interfere with comfort and are dangerous for you. The height should be 30 cm from the top of your head. Also make sure that the lightings produced by the lamp is enough to illuminate your entire living room. 

2. Table lamp

In addition to be able to add aesthetic elements to your living room, table lamp can adjust the overall lighting in the room so that it affects the overall atmosphere. Not only an additional lighting when needed, a table lamp can also be a complement to the decoration in the living room. Choosing a table lamp is not only to provide lighting, but also to change the feel of your living room so it feels comfortable and soothing. You also need to think about the right position to put it.

3. Floor lamp

Floor lamp will not only make your house to look brighter, but can also add special lighting and make your living room look more dimensional. Floor lamp can provide additional lighting in every corner of your room. Besides, useful lighting up the room, this type of lighting can also enhance the appearance of your living room. There are various choices of shapes and colours that can be adjusted to the overall theme and design of the living room in your home. With the right floor lamp selection, the atmosphere of your room will feel warmer and more comfy.

4. Wall lamp

In addition to help the lighting of the main lighting, the wall lamp in the living room has a special function to illuminate details of accessories, such as paintings, photos, wall hangings. With the wall lights that highlight to these objects can help you to be more focused. Wall lamp can also function as lamps that work to help a particular activity, for example as a reading lamp. With the wall lamps, the interior of the room will look more beautiful and you can do activities at night comfortably.
As one of the public spaces in the house, the living room must be equipped with appropriate decorative lights while reflecting the personality and overall design theme of the room. To determine the exact use of decorative lighting, you must consider the shape, colour and style of the lamp. The following are tips for choosing decorative lights for the living room: 

1. Adjust the decorative lighting model with the overall living room design

Try adjusting the lamp design model that you want to use with the overall theme of the living room in your home. If your living room has a minimalist modern design, choose decorative lighting that has a simple design and has a neutral color because a model like this will be very suitable for your room. If you have a theme room with natural furniture, use lamps that also have a natural element.

2. Adjust the size of the decorative lights with the size of the living room

Decorative lights for the living room must be adjusted to the size or area of the room. Adjust also the size of other furniture so it looks right and in harmony. If you have a limited size living room, use decorative lights that are simple, sleek and have a neutral color. You can also install two lamps at a time to add lighting. 
On the other side, if you have a large size living room with a high ceiling, you can try to be creative using decorative lights with a large and bold model.
Try also to use a number of different types of lamps of different types of materials that are installed at the same time to help fill the space so that your large living room does not look empty.

3. Adjust the color of the light with the main activity in the living room

The choice of color of the light is very important to provide comfort, form the setting and at the same time add aesthetic value to the room. For the living room, the use of yellow lights will produce a room that feels warm and friendly. Also adjust the color of the light that you will use with the theme and color of your room as a whole.

4. Adjust the effect of the light produced

Before buying a lamp, you must pay attention to the effects of light produced by the lamp. You have to watch it because this will affect and relate to the overall theme of your living room later. The lights have various light effects. Some provide soft light and strong light. The lights that are produced are also different. There are lights that have small headlights and there are large ones. Each light effect produced will provide a different setting in your entire living room.

5. Adjust the financial budget

When choosing decorative lights that will be used for the living room, adjust it to your budget or financial condition. Prioritize the quality of the decorative lights. You also have to choose lamps that are energy efficient, easy to install and also in terms of maintenance.
As explained earlier, there are many types of decorative lighting and some tips for choosing decorative lights in the living room. There are many ways to make your home look beautiful with a wide selection of the right decorative lights. Don't hesitate to be creative in creating the living room of your dreams. Good luck!

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Writers: Ayu Nindyakirana