Harmonic and helpful hallway ideas

Step one when furnishing your hallway: think about what should be stored there. It makes it so much easier to create a functional solution when you know how much closed and open storage you want – and need – for both your seasonal stuff and the things you use daily.

Wall cabinets with doors that match the rest of the interior design offer an elegant storage solution for seasonal clothes and other things you don’t use daily.

Can’t find the perfect storage system? Build your own! Stackable shelving units and adjustable shelves make sure you can create a tailor-made solution.

A coordinated colour scheme and furniture from the same series help maintain an uncluttered expression while fulfilling an entire family’s storage needs.

A memo board and magnets take care of the things that are constantly changing: like to-do lists, schedules and the latest creations of a young artist.

REJSA box has a label holder on one side and a convenient handle on the other which makes it easy to both organise and take your things.

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