Personalise your living room

Nobody is like you, so why shouldn’t your living room be just as unique? Experiment and mix different colours, patterns, styles and materials to create a warm and cosy place where everyone feels welcome.

A mix and match of comfy throws, cushions and sofa covers in different colours and materials create a vibrant, vivid and personalised expression.

Change the mood in the room in an instant thanks to a chandelier with both electric light and candle holders.

FABRIKÖR glass-door cabinet showcases your beloved treasures while protecting them from dust. And, the lock provides even more safety – perfect if curious kids want to play with vases!

Enhance your interior style with a cabinet (that hides the things that don’t!). We have many sizes, styles and colours to choose from.

The best snacks are the ones that are close at hand, right? A tray table – with a removable tray for serving – makes sure your treats are within reach.

A place to sit, a place to rest your legs and extra storage space: GRÖNLID footstool is a versatile piece of furniture!

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