Express yourself

A living room with brown-pink curtains, a red/white rug, a grey sofa and wall-mounted cabinets with red high-gloss doors.
Be true to your style and express your personality – in your living room! Your choice of colours, materials and decorative items get the job done (and cabinets help hide what doesn’t!).
A white BESTÅ cabinet combination with high-gloss doors in dark red-brown is wall-mounted under a window.
Wall-mounted cabinets create a sleek and streamlined expression (and no legs make it easy to vacuum the floor!).
A SMARRA box with lid in bamboo offers storage and it’s standing on a white/red-brown cabinet amongst other decorative items.
Small storage in stylish disguise: SMARRA box offers a place for the things you want within easy reach.
Wall-mounted EKET combination units in light grey offer open storage for books, baskets, boxes and more.
EKET shelving units are easily customised according to your space, needs and desired look.
Light brown-pink LEJONGAP curtains are draped with red ribbons and hang by a window where the light shines in beautifully.
Add a personal twist to your curtains by draping them in an unusual, but oh so beautiful and unique way!
A living room with a dark grey sofa and NYBODA coffee table that has a reversible table top: the black side is up.
A refreshing colour update is easy with NYBODA coffee table: the reversible table top lets you choose between a black and a beige surface.

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