Make the most of every nook

A small space, tricky corners and lots of things that need to be stored might sound like a challenging equation. But with smart storage ideas, trendy accessories and mood-enhancing colours, your hallway might become your new favourite room.

Shoe boxes help keep your seasonal shoes – or whatever you store in them – dust-free when stored on open shelves.

Great storage ideas don’t have to be big: the tiniest of accessories can be the most practical ones when dealing with tricky corners!

Invest in hangers made from solid wood: they are strong enough to hold heavier clothes while the natural material adds a genuine sense of quality to your open hallway wardrobe.

An underlay with anti-slip does more than keeping your rug in place: it gathers dirt and protects your floor from scratching. Talk about working undercover!

A daily confidence boost, anyone? A full-body mirror and good lighting ensure that you can get a good look at your outfit before leaving home.

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