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Children IKEA

For the most important people in the world

Childhood doesn't come twice, so make it unforgettable for your lovely ones. Find lots of children's room ideas to choose from and create the sweetest childhood memories. Our children's furniture will help you turn your home, into the best possible playground. 

Children IKEA Ideas & Solutions

Cosy corners for parents and child

These new parents dedicated a shared space for their baby in the bedroom. It’s a good thing she’s close by — because she’s an active bundle of joy! Thankfully, she has a few pieces of furniture that can keep up with her.

Nursing that feels just right

Invite your baby into a cosy corner where the armchair, accessories and lighting are just right. Here’s one comfortable way to bottle or breastfeed — and to cuddle with your little one, of course!

Hide-and-seek playground

Every day is play day. This little girl loves hide and seek, and her bedroom is filled with flexible furniture that also conceals and reveals. Can you guess her favourite hiding spot?

Growing up, together

Not only save more space, a shared children's room can create a strong sibling bond. Take a look at this room, how the parent organise all things perfectly so it suitable for their baby and little boy. 

A room full of firsts

Welcome to a new-parent's room.  A place where they still awake even at midnight to nurse their baby boy. A place where the baby talk to the first time. A place where they cuddle the baby until he fall asleep. With a few pieces of functional furniture, they create a comfy and warm baby room.

A happy place to grow up together

A shared children's room can create a strong sibling bond.  See how this family organise children room for their daughter and baby boy. Although there are so many stuff, they can keep the room comfortable and neat. 

A baby haven that’s clean, fresh and fun

In this room, you can play with your baby boy, change his diaper, and put him to sleep. With perfect organise, take care the baby will be more easy, so you can focus on cuddle time instead.

Because kids just want to have fun!

This room is created for sleeping and playing. Filled with playful and colorful furniture to make sure your kids can have fun in their bedroom. 

Space for a growing imagination

Help your kids develop their imagination with placing some creative furniture in bedroom, from extendable bed to educative toys. Ensuring they are resting and playing in a comfortable room will certainly have a positive impact on children's growth.

A room that children will love

Your kids will definitely love this room. Not only for sleep, they can do homework, play their toys, or read favorite story books. And with extendable beds, you will always have a right bed as your child grows.