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Decorating ideas for children's bedroom

Childhood is the most valuable time, so make sure your children get the sweetest memories of their lives by creating a bedroom that truly suit their characters. Arranging children’s bedroom requires a lot of consideration and must have the right solutions to complete all your children’s need. The following are some creative ideas for your children’s bedroom design that can help you realising their sweet dreams:

1. Children’s bedroom to develop their imaginations 

Create a pleasant bedroom for your little oe by giving them some unique themes that are full of joy. Use neutral colours, like white, as the main colour of the room. Then be creative by adding a few graphic images on the playful wall and match them with using bold patterns. Help your children develop their imagination and let it flow freely without limits.

2. Children’s bedroom with burst of colours

The use of colours is very important to help children’s growth and development. Colours can stimulate imagination and creativity, also affecting the mood of your children. Try to create a fresh, colourful bedroom for creativity and play. By using the combination of bright, happy colours, your children’s bedroom will feel cheerful. They will definitely feel at home in the bedroom.

3. Children’s bedroom with a touch of art 

Create your children’s bedroom by giving some artistic touch to the walls. By using neutral wall paint, try to be creative by making a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) project. You can add simple patterns or even create a mural with large motif that can also be a unique and unusual accent to the bedroom.

4. Children’s bedroom to grow up together 

Sharing a bedroom for twins can be a challenge. The best way is to divide the room into two equal parts and fill with furniture of the same type and colours. Use matching curtains and rugs with wallpaper so the overall look of the bedroom seems harmonious. For more unique looks, you can use beddings with different patterns and colours for each child. By sharing a shared bedroom, your twins will grow up together.

5. Children’s bedroom for sharing

Sharing a bedroom means uniting two different characters in one room, and is not an easy thing. Especially if your children have a distant age difference. Many different needs must be carefully applied to the bedroom so that the interests of each child can be fulfilled properly. 

You can design your children’s bedroom with 2 different themes, but make sure that the overall looks harmonious and feels comfortable. 
Create a shared area in the middle of the room to play and be creative that can also teach your children to learn to respect and compromise one another. They can also learn to be more discipline by tidying up their things back in their dedicated places. 
By sharing bedroom, you must also provide a private area for each child. No matter how small the size of their room is, make sure each child has their own area. Let them free their expression by displaying their personalities. By providing a personal area for each one of them, they can arrange and decorate it according to their own interests and hobbies. Your children can also learn to respect each others’ privacy and feel they have their own room.

6. Children’s bedroom with multifunctional bunk bed

If your child’s bedroom has limited limited space, using a bunk bed is the right solution. The challenge in arranging a small-sized child’s bedroom is not only to be able to maximise the space, but also how to keep the room to always look neat and tidy. Therefore, you need some additional storage so that there are no scattered items around.  

Using multifunctional furniture, like a bunk bed that has a built-in wardrobe, can help to add more space for storage. Another advantage of having a compact yet multifunctional bunk bed is that it can also be used as a study desk. The study desk is placed on one side of the bunk bed and on the other side there are some shelves to store books and favorite collectibles. 

Here are some areas in children’s room that should be owned to help develop your children’s imagination and creativity:

1. An area for displaying toy collections

Let your children’s bedroom reflects their delightful personalities. To make sure your little one can have a maximum fun in their bedroom, create a play area. Arrange storages on the wall by adding several shelves with unique styles to display many toys collection, and at the same time can be used as an element of decoration. Make the play area in your children’s bedroom a fun and educational facility.

2. An area for drawing on the wall and storage for toys

Create a creative play area in your children’s bedroom for them to express themselves using a black wall paint. Your child can draw using chalk and develop his imagination. Also place storage to store various items toys collection at your child’s height so it is within the reach. You can simultaneously teach your children to organise and return all the toys to the right place. By using wall shelves and storage units that are labelled according to the type of toys, tidying up the toys will feel much faster and easier. This is a fun way to avoid the chaos on the bedroom floor.

3. An area for making and displaying art & craft

Support your child’s artistic talent by creating a special area for study and play, complete with table and chair for your child to develop their artistic creativity. All the art & crafts stationaries can be stores in a storage unit located near the table to make it easier to retrieve and store again. Create a wall of art that contains a collection of art & crafts that your child creates. Some pictures are framed and others just simply attached to the wall to give a playful look. This wall looks unique and can motivate your child to make even more artworks.

4. An area for studying and painting

Children’s bedroom not only for rest, but also to study and do various favorite activities, such as painting. Create a comfortable bedroom where your child can liven up his creativity and develop his great imagination. 
Add chair and multifunctional desk with built-in storage underneath the table. Your little one can store stationeries, papers and even toys within reach – and can be tidied up quickly. 
Present a painting board for your little painter so he can continue to develop his artistic skills. Also prepare storage solutions that are easy to reach so that your child can arrange all the painting equipments.

5. An area to relax

Create a corner to relax in your child’s bedroom. Try to create an efficient multifunctional sitting area by using the storage units and adding some seats and cushions on top of it to make it soft and comfortable. Complete the wall with storage shelves and lighting to accommodate your little one activities.
We believe that creativity is always inspiring, and we are proud to be a part of your home decorating creations. However, modifying IKEA products so they can no longer be used for their original purpose means your commercial guarantees will be lost.

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Writer: Ayu Nindyakirana

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