A room that’s all mine

This is the bedroom of an 8-year-old boy who just had his own room. A personal fun space to express himself. The main activities are studying, playing games, drawing, socializing, and displaying collection of his favorite toys. Step inside and see how this bedroom can accommodate all of his activities.
He lives in a 72 m2 house with his parents and this bedroom is a space dedicated to show his personalities. By using functional and long-lasting furniture, this bedroom made to provide comfort to do many exciting activities.

The definition of a dream bed

Use a bed that can support children’s growth, completed with bed pocket and lamp to facilitate all their activities. Choose the bed which has underbed with storage and make the most of it so that it is ready to use when family or friends come for sleepover.

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Flexible seats for unlimited fun

Provide comfortable seats, like foldable mattress and seat module with storage that are easy to adjust, mobile and best for space saving, to facilitate your child for playing games and socialising with friends.

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Furniture that grows with you

In order to keep your child comfortable and stay healthy while studying or drawing, use an ergonomic chair that is easily to be adjusted and a flexible desk that can grow with your child. Completed with desk accessories and lamp that safe for children to use.

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Make things easier

With a proper wardrobe arrangement, hectic morning activities to prepare for school will be much easier and faster. Adjust the height of the drawers and hangers according to your child’s height. Also add a mirror for dressing up and hangers for backpacks, place them close together.

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Wall of favorites

Children in this age want to show their hobbies and identity. Using a combination of peg boards, your child can organise and show off their variety of toy collections which he pride himself on. Flexible arrangement will make it easier when he wants to rearrange or has new collections.

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