A space for fairy tales and relaxation

A children’s room with a bed, bed canopy, wardrobe, table and chair in white. A colourful rug lies across the floor.
Playfulness, sturdiness and room for relaxing me-time – all wrapped up in a traditional style. Here’s a high-quality children’s room that never gets old.
SUNDVIK can grow with your child since adult-sized hangers fit inside, and the doors have a soft-closing function that reduces noise.
SUNDVIK is timeless and extendable, so it can grow with your child – both in style and size.
Yellow KÄPPHÄST bed linen with toy print in a white children's bed. A colourful rug and a soft toy dog on the floor beside.
The toy print your child adores and the sustainability that you value: playful KÄPPHÄST is made of 100% sustainably grown cotton.
A soft and cosy light helps your child unwind and relax – perfect when it’s time to sleep!
It’s fun to have the same furniture as your parents! A miniature STRANDMON adds a classic touch to any children’s rooms (and it’s really comfy too).
A children’s table offers your child a dedicated space for tea parties, crafts and other hobbies.

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