Play, grow and explore

Encouraging children to learn new things and handling chores on their own help them grow and become self-confident. A furniture series that's developed from a child's needs and perspective, ideas that simplify daily routines and toys that spur the imagination are a few of many things that motivate children to become independent.

An extendable bed is a money-saving choice that your child can sleep in for years. And needing to extend the bed can only mean one, fun thing: you've grown!

Play with toys, build with bricks or draw pictures? An activity table is like a blank canvas: filled with endless opportunities! Choose one with storage to make tidying up the room less of a hassle.

Boxes and bricks, play and storage: BYGGLEK LEGO® is just as fun for kids as adults (hello, childhood memories!). The storage boxes have lids that offer both play and display, too.

A folding gym mat offers a comfy play surface for both children and their ancient dinosaur friends. Just fold and store the mat when more floor space is needed.

A wardrobe with a pull-out unit with both a clothes rail and hooks make it easy for children to organise and find their clothes and accessories.

Shelves, clothes rails and wire baskets that are height-adjustable make sure that your child will have a perfectly customised wardrobe solution, year after year.

Being able to get dressed on your own is a real confidence booster, and it gets a lot easier when having a schedule to follow. Add label holders and handles of your choice!

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