8 organisers to keep your children's wardrobe perfectly neat

More items, more messy your children’s wardrobe is. That’s why it’s very important to add organisers to keep their wardrobe perfectly neat. Here are some organisers that will help you to tidy up children’s clothes and make the most of their wardrobe.

Organise children’s wardrobe with wire basket

Wire baskets can be used as wardrobe organisers. Wire baskets work like drawers inside the wardrobe. You can fold children’s clothes and store them in the wire basket. Choose the lightweight wire basket so your children can pull out the basket much easier.

Grouping your children’s clothes to keep the wardrobe more organised. For example, separate children’s shirts from their trousers or daily clothes from seasonal outfit in different wire baskets so you can find them easier.

Make the most of your children’s wardrobe with storage boxes

Besides using wire baskets, you can use storage boxes to organise your children’s wardrobe. With storage boxes, you can make sure every blouse, jumper and their accessory in place. You and your little ones will be much easier to find and get what you need. Storage boxes also can be used to store your children’s underwear and socks. And if you have a larger storage box, you can store their seasonal clothes and put the box on the top of the wardrobe.
Storage boxes are also very useful in your chest of drawers. Chest of drawers tend to be a mess easily if not combined with the right organisers. Storage boxes will help you to organise your wardrobe so every clothes can be easy to find. By using storage boxes, you can also make the most of your chest of drawers.

Save your wardrobe space with hanging storages

Too many clothes inside your children’s wardrobe? Hanging storage can be a smart solution. You can get additional shelves to store more clothes. Simply hang this storage on the clothes rail inside your wardrobe. This hanging storage takes little room to store as it folds flat.
Hanging storage is perfect to be used in a tall wardrobe. Not only can be placed inside your children’s wardrobe, you can hang this storage on a freestanding rack in your hallway to store jackets, shoes hats or other outdoor outfits. 

The secret of organised wardrobe: hangers!

Folded clothes may save your wardrobe space, but they look a little bit untidy when worn. That’s why you need to add some hangers inside your wardrobe to keep children’s clothes - especially their school uniforms - always neat. For kids, IKEA has a wide range of hangers with cheerful colours and patterns.
Not only keep your clothes always neat inside the wardrobe, hangers also make it easy for your children to find their own clothes. Use hangers with good materials, like solid wood or stainless steel so they can be used for years. If your children’s wardrobe space is limited, you can choose a hanger that holds many trousers at once. This hanger helps you save space in the wardrobe.

Store more clothes with shelves

If you prefer to create your own children’s wardrobe, don’t forget to add shelves to store more clothes. You can put folded clothes on the shelves. To keep your wardrobe perfectly organised, you can adjust the shelf position with the type of clothes that you want to store. For seasonal clothes, you can put them on the top shelf. But for daily clothes, you can put them on the bottom shelf so they’re easy to reach.
To keep the shelves organised, you can use storage boxes to store and group your clothes inside the wardrobe. By having more organised children’s wardrobe, your little ones can find what they need easily. Besides, they also can learn how to prepare their own clothes. If the wardrobe is too high for children, you can place a step stool for them.

Arrange your wardrobe by using box with compartments

Socks, belts, ribbons, and many children’s accessories need a space inside the wardrobe. To keep these little accessories organised and easy to find, you can add a box with compartments that help you to arrange your children’s accessories into several parts. 

Not only organise children’s accessories inside their wardrobe, a box with compartments also can be used in other rooms. For example, to store work equipment such as stationery or to organise your beauty products inside the bathroom drawer.

No more wrinkle trousers with pull-out trouser hanger

Say good-bye to piles of jeans and trousers and say hello to this hanger that makes them easy to store and find. It pulls out, giving you an overview and convenient access to your children’s trousers or skirts. And you can make sure that children’s trousers are neatly in the wardrobe without having to fold them. This trouser hanger can hold more than 10 pairs of trousers.

The trouser hanger is perfect to store your trousers, especially if they’re made from fabrics that wrinkle easily. You can easily see and reach your trousers even on a busy morning since the trouser hanger pulls out.

Last but not least: LED mini lamp inside your wardrobe

Your children’s clothes hard to find because of the dark atmosphere? If it’s difficult to install an integrated lighting, mini battery-operated lamp can be an easy and affordable solution. By attaching some mini lamps inside your wardrobe, you can find children’s clothes much easier without having to turn on their bedroom lights. 

Place mini lamps in some parts of the children's wardrobe, especially in the corner that requires more lighting. Mini lamps are easy to install and remove so you can move them to where you need at any time. Not only in the wardrobe, this mini lamp also be attached on the bathroom cabinet to make it easier for you to find the items you need.

By using the right wardrobe organisers, you can tidy up your children’s wardrobe easily and make sure every outfit has a storage area. Let’s find a complete collection of organisers for your children wardrobe at IKEA store or shop online on IKEA.co.id.

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