IKEA design solutions: small space solution for many activities

No matter how spacious your home is, even a small living space can be comfortable if it’s arranged in the right way. Now, our interior designer will share some ideas about how to organise a limited living room space to be used for many activities.

Current living situation

“Dear IKEA, please provide a design solution for our living room. We would like to have a make-over for this 6x2.5 m2 room. Thank you.” – Wahyu Budhi

•    Family of three
•    The room is divided into two areas: living room and guest room that are used for gathering, eating, watching TV and play area.

Meet the designer

This family has the same room to be divided into two areas, which are living room and guest room. How to create a small space solution that can accommodate a variety of family activities? “Having a limited size room can be solved by using multifunctional furniture,” said Abi, Interior Designer from IKEA Alam Sutera. 

Layout solution

1. Move the existing LERBERG to this position as bookshelf, storage for toys and other things. For your child’s extra safety, remember to always secure it to the wall.  

2. Add the same shelf unit on the other side, creating a symmetry while adding the storage capacity for your child’s toys and books. 

3. To divide the living room and the guest room, move the existing KALLAX into horizontal position. Your area will still feel spacious. Use it to store cushions and throw when not in use. For your child’s safety, put safety bumpers on each corners.

4. Use stackable stool as additional chairs when receiving guests, and also can be used as tables when relaxing while enjoying tea or coffee in the afternoon. 
1. Utilize the large wall area for your family’s photo gallery or abstract artwork collections in various frame sizes.

2. Apart from being a room divider and storage, KALLAX can also function as a table for serving drinks and snacks. Use the storage box for a tidy look on the bottom shelves to store more toys, extra cushions and throw.  

3. Freshen up the mood in the room by adding some plants. Use SJOPENNA table lamp with yellow light that can create a calm and comfortable atmosphere when you want to rest while watching TV at night. 

Tips and ideas

KYRRE Rp 245.000

The solution for your limited space, this stool can be stacked to save space and can be used as a table to put your coffee and tea while relaxing on the sofa.

DRÖNA Rp 49.900

This storage box adds softness to your living room storage. Perfectly sized for KALLAX shelf, adding style and functionality.

FEJKA Rp 149.000

Artificial plant is an easy solution for your living room without the hassle of caring for it. To beautify your plant, add your choice of plant pots.

RÅSKOG Rp 699.000

This trolley fits into a very limited space and can be moved wherever you need it. Use it for cutlery and snacks in the living room.

LACK Rp 199.000

This table is very easy to install, lift and move. 

BOSNÄS Rp 295.000

A footstool with closed storage underneath. The cover can easily be removed for a wash. It can be stored under LACK table, too.

SJÖPENNA Rp 299.000

Create a warm atmosphere of your room with this lamp. Suitable for relaxing at night.

Give a touch of personality in your living room using unique and attractive wall decorations.
We believe that creativity is always inspiring, and we are proud to be a part of your home decorating creations. However, modifying IKEA products so they can no longer be used for their original purpose means your commercial guarantees will be lost.