A living room full of life

What activities do you usually do in the living room? Sharing a moment over coffee in the morning, or having a more relaxing and calm evening while playing with your gadget? Whatever you do, this space offers plenty of comfort.
This living room is designed for conversation and relaxation. From earthy terracotta and deep-sea blues to cheeky pops of pink, color plays a big part in making this home the warm and welcoming space that it is.
Unique decorations and accessories are the main attraction in this room. By using a glass-door cabinet, you can show off as well as protect your glassware and your favorite collection, and also say bye to dirt and dust. The shelves are adjustable so the height can be changed easily according to your needs. Adding lightings inside the cabinet is also an advantage to make your displays look more attractive.
The use of natural materials on the furniture, the warm and earthy tones in traditional patterns on cushion cover, combined with a modern pops of pink as an accent, creating a comfy and welcoming living room which invite everyone to enjoy.