A nostalgic nook

Creating a living room with a traditional and nostalgic expression doesn’t have to mean lots of flea markets and expensive vintage furniture. On the contrary, it can be an easy and affordable project: all you need are some new fabrics, cabinet doors and accessories!

Turn your practical storage combination into a personalised sideboard by adding legs and doors that suit your interior style.

A living room update doesn’t necessarily mean new furniture – a switch of covers can make all the difference!

A coffee table and nesting tables (that are easy to move!) from the same series keep things coordinated while you have all the table surfaces you need, right where you want them.

A glass dome is a timeless and practical interior accessory that preserves the scent of your candle and keeps it dust-free, too!

BRÖNDEN is a handmade wool rug with different weaves and textures: this creates a vibrant, unique and dynamic pattern (that’s naturally soil-repellent).

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