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Planning and consultation

What we do

Our planning specialists will help you plan your dream home.

We specialize in making the best of use of space so you get a space that suits the way you live or work. In a style that suits you.

If you prefer doing your own planning, you can use our planning tools online for free.

Planning & consultation pricing

Rp500.000, refundable for minimum purchase Rp 5.000.000*

*in form of E-GV or IKEA GV can be use in online purchase, IKEA stores or WA order with minimum purchase of Rp 5,000,000. Valid for 30 days after service transactions.

How to book

Order the service from our co-workers in the store or contact Customer Service at +6221-2985-3900 / WhatsApp at +62811-1300-2242.
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