Removal service

What we do

Our commitment is to ensure sustainability is part of our everyday work. That’s why when we deliver your new IKEA furniture we’re happy to take the old one away. It makes life a lot easier and helps reduce waste. 

We work together with Yayasan Amal Khair Yasmin, Yayasan Widhya Asih Bali, and other non-profit organisations that will collect, maximise and utilise the resource with minimum possible impact on the environment. The total collected fund will be used to provide a free quality education and other social program for people in need.


By contributing Rp129.000 per trip, we will help you remove your old furniture.

By using this service, you have participated to make a change for community and environment. We dearly encourage collection of used furniture is still within usable condition.

How to book

Order the service from our co-workers in the store or contact Customer Service at +6221-2985-3900 / WhatsApp at +62811-1300-2242.

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Terms and conditions

  1. The old furniture is still within usable condition.
  2. Please specify your old furniture by submitting a picture when you order the service to our co-worker.
  3. The removal service excludes domestic waste, building debris, household waste, etc.

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