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How to secure a safety and healthy living room for kids

Children have many things to do to develop themselves, so it is very important for you to choose furniture and accessories that can support their safety and comfort. Let’s reduce the risk of harm by applying several preventive measures, as well as making our home a fun and comfortable playground for your children.

A safe and comfortable environment

Living room is a gathering place for all the family members to do many activities together, including the children. When children grow and develop a new skill, they will find the opportunity to move around, run, climb, swing, jump, and explore. There are many unexpected risks. Make sure to use furniture and accessories that are safe for your children so they can roam around the living room comfortably.

Cosy area for bonding time

You can make your living room a fun area to do activities with your baby. Use a baby playmat for a safe and comfortable floor time. Also choose some supporting toys that are specifically designed to help your baby grow and develop

Safety first

Toddlers can walk on their own and begin to reach any objects, including climbing shelves or wardrobe. Make sure all furniture are securely attached to the wall to avoid potential danger, and place their toys in the lower shelves so it’s easier for children to reach by themselves.

Room for all the fun

Older children have the necessities to do many activities. Provide them a safe and comfortable space of their own in the living room where they can play, do their hobbies, or even school works.

Harmful accidents prevention

Children fall and stumble a lot while playing and hitting a sharp edge can do a lot of harm. Choose furniture with rounder edge or cover the sharp edges using corner bumper. Items made of glass like vase, jar, or floor lamp are also dangerous for them and must kept away. Ensure that the glass cabinet doors made of tempered glass for safety reason.

Keep the kids safer

All the electrical sockets should have a safety plug installed to put a definitive stop for the children to reach them. Good cable management and TV placement on the wall also necessary to prevent unwanted electrical incident.

Out of reach

If there’s no lock, use drawer / cabinet catch to lock drawers and cabinet doors – anything that could seem inviting to open for curious children who exploring their new exciting world. Always make sure that all your furniture is fixed to the wall, even if the drawers and cabinets are locked.

Play on the move!

Playing is surely a fun activity while also to develop many skills such as motor skills, imagination and socialisation. Children are very active and love to explore different areas in the house. Make them easier to play by using storage boxes in wheels so they can move freely to collect and tidy-up their own toys.

Flexibility in the active zone

A lightweight coffee table with wheels that is easy to move will give more space for children to play together. Add foldable soft mattress for active floor activities. Just fold it and put aside when it’s time to rest.

Unleash their creativity, without worry

Encourage their imagination through art and crafts. Non-toxic and easy to was materials keep the fun in check. Use living room furniture / materials that are easy to clean, such as washable sofa cover, for more fun creativity time without worry.