Made in Indonesia

We are proud of local products​

Through products which are made in Indonesia, IKEA is committed to bring a positive impact on local communities and environment by empowering local resources, starting from empowering the society by creating job opportunities, to utilizing Indonesia's sustainable natural resources.

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Versatile renewable material

Rattan and palm leaf are natural materials that are fast-growing, easy to harvest and sturdy. As well as being environmentally friendly, rattan and palm leaf can be used for many different products and styles.

Bring in the natural feels

Pine wood is the best material for making our children's furniture, and is a beautiful and sturdy renewable material.

A soothing comfort

Provides extra comfort because the material is soft on the skin and made of environmentally friendly materials.

For a (much) better sleep

Not only comfortable on your body, our mattresses are also friendly to the environment because they are made from renewable materials

The best quality for your little one

It has been tested for quality and child safety, and meets the Indonesian National Standard (SNI). Made of soft materials that are environmentally friendly.

Soft and smooth to cosy up your home

Our rugs are made of great quality soft materials which are environmentally friendly, and made by local Indonesian manufacturers.

Natural renewable material

Seagrass and paper are one of the main materials for our home furnishing accessories. The seagrass is a renewable and strong material that's grows naturally in parts of Southeast Asia in coastal area. While our paper material produced from virgin fibre that must be FSC certified - which means it comes from sources where the forest is always regenerated as trees are replanted.

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