Stay cool in the heat

The temperature outside is getting too hot to handle, and the rise in humidity has us all feeling sticky and uncomfortable. Beat the heat with these clever ideas and products that won't blow a hole in your budget.  

One side is cooler than the other​

KVARNVEN ergonomic pillow has one side that maintains a cooler temperature, and an overall snug softness to keep your head, neck and shoulders loose and relaxed all night. Regardless of your body temperature, the pillow will retain its comfort.​

A comfy topper with cooling relief

Too warm to sleep? Wrap REXBEGONIA cooling pad around your pillow or place it on your mattress - the cooling sensation helps you relax and fall asleep. Also, the material breathes and absorbs moisture, helping to keep you dry.

Bed linens to keep the temperature just right

Many types of fabric can help you stay comfortable in bed. Cotton, viscose, and lyocell, for example, transport moisture away from your body, helping you maintain a nice, even temperature.

Nylon and Polyester ❄️
A special fabric that does not preserve heat, and transports heat away. 

Viscose & Rayon ❄️❄️
Wax infused viscose fibres absorb excess body heat and releases it when your body temperature drops.  

Lyocell ❄️❄️❄️
Soft silky feeling, absorbing and removing moisture away from your body, keeping you dry and comfortable all night (or day) long. 


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Keep out the heat and light

Curtains and blinds can help your home stay at a comfortable temperature. Thicker curtains keep out the sun’s hot rays and different layers in your windows also help insulate your home.

So do cellular blinds, which have a honeycomb structure that traps air, a natural insulator, inside them.

Different light management options for curtains and blinds include light filtering, privacy, room darkening and block-out curtains. For a better cooling effect, choose room darkening or block-out blinds which will prevent the sunlight from getting in. 

Block-out the sun and heat

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Curtains, 1 pair, white/floral pattern, 145x250 cm


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Get hydrated with H2O and ice cool treats

Did you know that increased water intake on hot days can help prevent dehydration and heat stroke? With more sweating and loss of water from the body, an increase in water intake can help to replace fluids and also cool down your body temperature.

You can stand (or sit) under my umbrella

Too much of a good thing is never good, and the same goes for sunshine too! 

Get excellent protection against the sun’s UV rays. Our parasols have a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating of 50+, which means it blocks 98% of the ultraviolet radiation.

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