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We’re going all-in for a more sustainable future

At IKEA, we want to have a positive impact on people and the planet. For many years we’ve focused on economising resources and helping to create a better everyday life for people. And now we’ve made a big step forward. We’re going all-in with more sustainable cotton and LED lighting.

From September 2015, all the cotton in our products will come from more sustainable sources. This is good news for you, farmers and the environment. At the same time, we’re switching to 100% LED, making this sustainable light source more affordable and beautiful. These are just two of the ways we can help people all over the world live more sustainably.

We also now have more than 700,000 solar panels installed on IKEA buildings worldwide and we’ve committed to owning and operating 224 wind turbines. But we’re not done yet. We’re just warming up...

You can also learn more about the projects we are involved in that aim to improve the livelihoods of neighboring communities around the IKEA Indonesia store.


Local Initiatives

Blue Bag Project

 In line with our global sustainability approach, IKEA Indonesia offered the environmentally friendly Blue Bag to customers in place of plastic bags. Each purchase of a Blue Bag, in addition to a donation from IKEA, went towards Mercy Corps Indonesia’s local water and sanitation sewage project in Kecamatan Penjaringan, North Jakarta.

The IKEA Blue Bag Project, executed in partnership with Mercy Corps Indonesia, has been completed by building all 100 septic tanks in end of December 2015, or 6 months earlier than scheduled. The remaining six months, until June 2016, was used to supervise and continue to educate the beneficiaries on the maintenance of their septic tanks.

Learn more about the Blue Bag Project
Learn more about Mercy Corps Indonesia

The IKEA Removal and Recycling service

IKEA is committed to always take into consideration on sustainability as part of the daily activities. IKEA have long been focusing on ways how to use waste as a source of materials in addition to trying to find new sources of materials that preserves natural resources. To support this, IKEA introduce the Removal and Recycling service in cooperation with a non-profit organization.
The Service is part of IKEA Indonesia’s commitment for the environment and children’s education as well as to help reduce waste in order to get minimum possible impact on the environment. The new service offered is also very useful for customers who wish to remove their old furniture when they buy a new one.
Learn more about The IKEA Removal and Recycling service

IKEA Batik Design Competition

Batik is the traditional Indonesian art craft and has long been regarded as a symbol of the country's rich heritage. In fact, the Indonesian government launched an initiative to promote October 2 as National Batik Day, which has grown into an adopted practice throughout both the public and private sectors for all employees to wear Batik every Friday. In respecting this tradition, IKEA Indonesia conducted a Batik shirt design competition among local universities to provide a Batik uniform for all co-workers to wear. Students from fashion, textile, and graphic design backgrounds were invited to create a simple uniform design, combining elements of both Indonesian and Swedish traditions. The winning design was locally printed and manufactured, and chosen to be the official Friday Batik shirt of IKEA Indonesia. The winner also received a one week trip to Sweden, including the opportunity to meet the IKEA of Sweden design team.
Learn more about our Batik Uniform design competition


The IWitness Global Citizens program engages IKEA co-workers and customers in projects funded by the annual IKEA Good Cause campaigns. The program sends co-workers to projects run by IKEA Foundation partners to see how these projects help some of the world’s most vulnerable children.
Since IKEA opened its first store in Indonesia in 2014, IKEA Indonesia has participated in two IWitness trips. The first trip was in 2016 where six co-workers visited programs run by Save the Children in Bandung, West Java. The second one was in 2017 where another six co-workers visited Mae La Refugee camp in Thailand, a program carried out by Handicap International.
Learn more about the iWitness

Responsibility from plantation to cup

We want all coffee sold and served in our stores to be grown and produced responsibly. To ensure that we live up to this goal, we’ve chosen to work with the Rainforest Alliance certification. It’s a world-leading label that, among other things, works to preserve local ecosystems and create better economic and living conditions for farmers. Care and responsibility all the way from the plantations to your coffee cup!

What will you eat today?

Take your family to IKEA Restaurant and taste great meals together.  Experience Swedish cuisine or try today's special.

Restaurant offers and menu

Food is too precious to be wasted

Every day, about one third of all the food produced around the world is thrown away. Being careful with resources is a core value for IKEA, so we keep record of all the food we throw away during the day, and analyse the reasons why. That way we become a bit better every day in planning our offer – and save tons of food from being wasted. The goal is to cut waste, and also to inspire our customers to think about how to throw away less food at home. Let’s be part of the solution together!

Waste Sorting

We are working towards a big goal: to send zero food waste to landfill. This is just one of the ways we try to reduce our impact on the environment. At IKEA we try to sort our waste by separating it from its source. You can also participate by putting the waste in the right bin. 

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