Why should we be proud to use local made goods? From IKEA to Indonesia

In the course of the world era of globalization, it is easy for you to find a variety of products from different countries on the market. Not infrequently, outdoor products with well-known brands are more popular than local products. However, did you know that using domestically made products has many benefits, both for individuals and for the nation? IKEA, a Swedish home furnishings company, in addition to its functional and modern design, IKEA is also committed to supporting local products. In Indonesia, IKEA collaborates with various artisans and MSMEs to deliver quality products that reflect Indonesia's rich culture. In peeling more info, come on, let's see the explanation below!

Reasons to be proud to use domestically made products

There are many reasons why you should be proud to use home-made products. By buying local products, you directly contribute to the growth of the national economy. The money you spend will be used to buy raw materials, pay workers ' salaries, and develop businesses in the country. This will increase the purchasing power of the people, create jobs, and improve the standard of living of the people of Indonesia. Local products, especially from MSMEs, often have more affordable prices than foreign products.

By buying local products, you help MSMEs to grow and increase their competitiveness in the global market. The manufacturing industry and MSMEs in Indonesia absorb a lot of Labor. When buying local products, you can create jobs and reduce unemployment. Many local products reflect local culture and wisdom. You also help preserve the nation's cultural wealth and foster a sense of love for the homeland if you buy local products from Indonesia. The more demand for local products, the more motivated the producers to improve the quality of their products. This will make local products increasingly in demand and able to compete with imported products in the scope of export business.

IKEA's commitment to Indonesian-made products

IKEA Indonesia is committed to supporting local products and helping MSMEs in Indonesia grow. This commitment is realized through various steps. IKEA cooperates with various craftsmen and MSMEs in Indonesia to market its products in IKEA stores in Teras Indonesia. This provides an opportunity for artisans and MSMEs to reach a wider market and increase their income.

In the concept of products made in Indonesia, IKEA provides preservation to craftsmen and MSMEs to improve product quality and design to be presented in IKEA products. This helps the artisans and MSMEs to be more competitive in the market. IKEA actively promotes local products in various offline and online catalogs. Starting from the website, social media, and Ikea inspiration. It aims to increase public awareness of local products and encourage individuals to buy Indonesian-made products at IKEA.

IKEA: uniting global design with local pride

IKEA Indonesia not only offers global products with modern and functional designs. But also local products that reflect the richness of Indonesian culture. By buying IKEA products made in Indonesia, you can get quality products. In addition, you also support the national economy, MSMEs, as well as Indonesian culture.

The IKEA concept is based on a thorough knowledge of the needs and functions of life in the home. By combining the experience of using materials and production techniques. IKEA has 80 years of experience in developing and displaying the IKEA product range. IKEA stores present a range of home furnishings that are well designed, functional and manufactured through research and development, strict quality control, to pay attention to long-term sustainability.

As a large and resource-rich nation, it is high time that you take pride in using domestically made products. By using local products, you show a sense of love for the homeland and support the progress of the nation. Let's together support local products and promote the Indonesian economy. Realize all furniture products made in Indonesia from your nearest IKEA store right now!

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