Not only furniture there are chocolate IKEA products made in Indonesia

Who likes IKEA products? IKEA, a Swedish home furnishings provider, is not only known for its functional, modern and affordable furniture designs. IKEA also offers a variety of other household products. Among them include food products and drinks. One food product that is worth trying is chocolate made in Indonesia. Yes, IKEA cooperates with cocoa farmers in Indonesia, to bring high-quality chocolate with local raw materials. If you are curious to try it, let's see the full explanation below!

Exploring the delicious taste of Indonesian chocolate

IKEA chocolate is made from 100% Indonesian Cocoa, has a rich taste, pleasant aroma and delicate texture. This cocoa is grown and processed sustainably by local farmers, with attention to the welfare of farmers and environmental sustainability. IKEA offers a wide selection of chocolates to suit everyone's taste. Starting from dark chocolate with high cocoa content for bitter taste lovers, to milk chocolate with a sweet taste that is legit to be enjoyed with the family.

An important aspect of IKEA Indonesia's eco-friendly chocolate products is the use of high-quality and sustainable raw materials. IKEA takes proactive steps to ensure that the chocolate used comes from sustainable sources. This includes close monitoring of the cocoa supply chain to ensure there is no use of child labour or environmentally harmful practices. So, you can be wiser in consuming chocolate products made in Indonesia from IKEA.

Dark chocolate, milk chocolate and chocolate with a variety of flavors

For lovers of bitter taste, IKEA dark chocolate with 70% and 85% cocoa content offers an intense cocoa flavor sensation and rich chocolate flavor. Suitable to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee or warm tea. You can also choose IKEA Milk chocolate with cocoa content that brings a sweet taste, legit and soft texture for children. Suitable to be enjoyed as a snack or as a base for making cakes and desserts. If you are looking for a more unique chocolate sensation? IKEA also offers chocolate with a variety of flavors and diverse textures, such as chocolate with nuts, chocolate with fruits, and chocolate with crunchy toppings.

More than chocolate: supporting goodness and sustainability

More than just a delicious taste, IKEA chocolate also offers positive values. By purchasing this chocolate, you are supporting local cocoa farmers and contributing to the economic and social development of rural Indonesia. IKEA is committed to promoting sustainable agricultural practices and fair trade. The cocoa used to make this chocolate is harvested and processed in an environmentally friendly way and ensures the well-being of the farmers.

IKEA also works with local organisations to improve the quality of life of people around cocoa plantations. IKEA Indonesia is also committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its chocolate production and distribution. IKEA has adopted environmentally friendly practices in the supply chain. Such as the use of renewable energy, waste reduction, and more efficient packaging. It aims to minimize the negative impact on the environment during the production process.

IKEA chocolate: a great choice for chocolate lovers and caring Indonesians

If you are looking for delicious, high-quality chocolate and support positive values, then IKEA chocolate is the right choice. This chocolate is suitable to be enjoyed alone, with family and friends, or as a gift. You can find them at your nearest IKEA store or on the IKEA website. Made from 100% Indonesian Cocoa with a rich taste and fragrant aroma. Supporting local cocoa farmers and contributing to economic and social development in rural Indonesia. Made with sustainable agricultural practices and fair trade. Available in a variety of flavors, textures, and grades of cocoa. Suitable to be enjoyed alone, with family and friends, or as a gift.

In addition to selling environmentally friendly chocolate products, IKEA Indonesia also strives to inspire customers to adopt sustainable lifestyles. IKEA provides information on how to reduce waste and save energy in everyday life. Thus, IKEA Indonesia is not only a store that sells products. But it is also a source of knowledge and inspiration to take care of the environment.

IKEA presents a new taste in a series of delicious chocolates from a variety of chocolates with 7 unique flavors and quality. Not only delicious, this chocolate product also has a positive impact on the environment and chocolate farmers, especially in East Java. By launching eco-friendly Indonesian-made chocolate products and committed to reducing the impact on the environment, IKEA Indonesia has taken important steps in supporting nature conservation and providing better product alternatives for consumers who care about the environment. From a variety of small actions taken together, everyone can create big changes for a greener and more sustainable future. Come, experience the delights of IKEA chocolate and support Indonesian Cocoa Farmers!

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