Interesting and functional local Indonesian products from IKEA, exploring woven rattan and palm leaf products

One of the prominent Indonesian-made products from IKEA Indonesia is a range of items crafted from woven rattan and palm leaves. These products not only possess high aesthetic value by blending traditional materials with modern minimalist designs, but they also offer high functionality to help you create an organized setup.

Organizing household items is one of the most important activities. Without proper organization, the interior of your home can appear messy, unappealing, and uncomfortable for relaxing and spending time with family. Therefore, IKEA offers a variety of woven rattan and palm leaf products. Curious about their product line? Here’s a review for you.

Multipurpose baskets and storage boxes

Helping create an organized home and making daily household activities easier is one of the main goals of IKEA Indonesia through its various furniture and home accessory products.

Several accessories essential for daily household activities include baskets and storage boxes. Using a basket can assist you in the laundry process. You can use a basket to collect dirty clothes, preventing them from scattering around, and then easily transport them to the laundry area or washing machine.

Additionally, you can use baskets to hold and carry groceries, tools, or household supplies when needed, store various vegetables and fruits in the refrigerator, and so on.

Storage boxes are also crucial in daily household activities. With storage boxes, you can neatly and organizedly store various household tools, kitchen utensils, electronic equipment, etc. This way, you can easily retrieve the items when you need them again.

Recognizing the importance of multipurpose baskets and storage boxes in daily household activities and the abundant availability of natural raw materials in Indonesia, IKEA Indonesia presents locally-made products of multipurpose baskets and storage boxes made from woven rattan and palm leaves.

These two Indonesian-made products are an interesting innovation that combines the traditional value of raw materials with modern functionality, making them distinct from other products.

Made from high-quality natural raw materials, the woven rattan and palm leaf products have surfaces with unique and visually appealing patterns, as well as long-lasting durability. These products also feature minimalist and ergonomic designs, providing practicality and ease of storage.

File storage solutions

Not stopping at daily household activities, IKEA Indonesia also innovates to produce locally-made products that help organize various important files or documents.

In the workplace, daily activities certainly involve various important documents. Therefore, it is important to store these documents neatly and organizedly so that when needed, they can be easily found without wasting time searching.

To address this, IKEA Indonesia also offers Indonesian-made file storage solutions made from woven rattan. The traditional value embedded in the raw materials and their craftsmanship can add an aesthetic touch to your workspace.

Crafted by skilled Indonesian artisans using quality rattan and adhering to modern minimalist designs, IKEA’s locally-made file storage products offer practicality in storing files neatly and organizedly and ease of arrangement on desks, open shelves, or office cabinets.

Plate mats

Equally interesting, IKEA Indonesia also offers locally-made plate mats. Using plate mats with beautiful woven patterns adds a memorable touch to every dining moment.

Besides providing aesthetic value with their unique woven patterns, utilizing these plate mats does not neglect their primary function of keeping plates in place on the table, preventing them from easily moving, and thus making dining easier and uninterrupted by unnecessary distractions.

Available in various shapes, sizes, and two different materials – woven rattan and woven palm leaves – you can choose these Indonesian-made plate mats according to your preferences and needs. Learn more about their specifications in the Made in Indonesia Product line from IKEA.

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