Various Indonesian products from IKEA to support children's activities

Childhood is a time full of creativity and wide-ranging imagination, which is an important part of their growth and development. Therefore, it is crucial for parents to facilitate their children's creativity.

One way to do this is by providing equipment that supports all their activities. No need to worry about where to find such equipment, as IKEA Indonesia proudly presents a range of Indonesian products that support various children's activities. What are these Indonesian-made products? Here’s an overview for you.

Small children’s stool

Children often engage in various activities while sitting. For this reason, IKEA Indonesia provides an Indonesian-made product: a small children's stool. Designed with a minimalist approach and tailored to children's posture, this product is ready to accompany all your child's activities with ergonomic sitting positions.

Made from high-quality pine wood, this small children's stool boasts sturdy durability for long-term use. Its lightweight and small size make it easy to move around and practical to store without taking up much space.

Children's table and chair

IKEA Indonesia also offers a variety of children's tables and chairs in their line of Indonesian-made products. These tables and chairs are designed to match children's postures, providing proper support for your child’s body during activities.

Made from quality pine wood, these tables and chairs guarantee long-term durability and smooth surfaces. These features ensure maximum comfort when your child sits on the chair and engages in various activities at the table. Their lightweight nature makes them easy to move and store after use.

For convenience, you can purchase these Indonesian-made children's tables and chairs in a bundle, allowing you to pay one price for a set of table and chairs. This is ideal for your child and their friends to use together. If you prefer to buy the table or chairs separately, you can easily do so to meet your needs.


Another Indonesian-made product presented by IKEA Indonesia, made from high-quality pine wood, is the dollhouse. It wouldn’t be complete if children's doll playtime didn’t include this dollhouse. This product also supports children's activities by providing a neat and organized place to store their dolls.

Besides serving as a storage for dolls, this Indonesian-made product also functions as a wall shelf. Equipped with various modular storage options, it can be used practically to store other children's activity supplies.

Designed to resemble a house with a minimalist aesthetic, this product offers a beautiful yet simple appearance. Made from quality pine wood, it also features a smooth finish and the unique aesthetic beauty of its natural wood grain.

Book display

In addition to playing, another engaging activity for children is exploring their favorite magazines or storybooks. By inviting them to read, you can interact closely with your child. Moreover, this activity opens up their horizons, fostering imagination and creativity.

To support this activity, IKEA Indonesia also offers an Indonesian-made book display. With this product, you can encourage your child to help organize and store their magazines and storybooks after use. This helps develop their character to maintain tidiness, which is beneficial for their growth.

This book display is made from sturdy pine wood with a beautiful natural grain. It ensures long-term use without worrying about damage, while also offering the aesthetic beauty of its minimalist design and natural wood grain.

Not only does this book display keep children's magazines and storybooks neatly organized, but it also serves as a beautiful room decoration. Explore various local products that support children's activities in the Made in Indonesia Product line from IKEA.

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