Complete the dining table with Indonesian made tableware from IKEA

In some families in the midst of busy modern life, the moment of eating with family becomes an important moment to establish closeness and share stories. The dining room, as a place for family gatherings, needs to be arranged neatly and comfortably so that the moment of eating together is even more memorable. IKEA, the Swedish home furnishings company, is not only known for its functional and modern designs, but also for its commitment to supporting local products. In Indonesia, IKEA collaborates with various artisans and MSMEs to bring quality dining equipment that is aesthetic while reflecting the rich culture of Indonesia. Check out the full explanation below!

Beautify your dining table with Indonesian-made tableware from IKEA

Choosing the right dining decor fixtures can beautify the dining table and improve the aesthetics of the room. IKEA offers a wide selection of products made in Indonesia made from quality materials such as rattan, paper, and so forth. Each product has a design and benefits that you can rely on, inspired by the work of Indonesian craftsmen. You can get products that suit the needs of the dining room, such as:

Eco-friendly placemats

Create a natural and organic feel when setting your table. These Indonesian-made placemats from IKEA don't just protect the surface of your table or tablecloth. It can also be used as a decorative base in other areas of the house to add an aesthetic impression to a corner of the space. Protects the surface of the table top and reduces noise from dishes and cutlery. In the treatment, you can wipe clean using a damp cloth to maintain the quality.

Paper napkins with size options

Napkins from Made in Indonesia from IKEA are made of 3 layers of paper, so they absorb quickly. Perfect for those of you who often eat but want to stay clean from the remnants of spilled food or drinks. One package of paper napkins contains 50 napkins, so you don't have to worry about running out if you continue to use it. There are two size options for you to choose from, so you can customize it with tableware or table decorations in your home. IKEA napkins are also practical to take anywhere, whether it's at home, in the car, or even when you and your family plan to have a picnic in the park.

Tips for choosing a dining room decor made in Indonesia from IKEA

By choosing Indonesian-made products from IKEA, you help support local artisans and MSMEs. Some tips on choosing Indonesian-made tableware from IKEA for dining tables start from choosing tableware with a design that suits your dining table decoration style. The traditional style is suitable for a dining table in a rustic style. While the modern minimalist style is suitable for a dining table with a contemporary style. You can take advantage of mendong placemats from IKEA that make your table or room look more comfortable.

Choose a dining decoration product material that suits your needs. Mendong is a durable and easy to clean material, if you prefer a natural look, wood material gives a natural touch to the dining table. Calculate the number of cutlery that suits your needs. IKEA offers a selection of placemats for different numbers of family members at your dining table. In addition to affordable prices, you can get tableware decorations that fit your budget.

Creating meaningful and cultural dining experiences

More than just dinnerware, IKEA's Indonesian-made dinnerware can be a medium to introduce and preserve Indonesian culture to families and guests. Traditional motifs engraved on placemats, storage areas, and tables reflect Indonesia's diverse natural wealth. When eating together using these tableware, you can tell the story behind these motifs and share knowledge about Indonesian culture with children and families. Moments of eating together became more meaningful and full of memories.

IKEA presents a wide selection of quality, beautiful and functional Indonesian-made dinnerware. Tableware-this tableware not only beautifies the dining table and increases comfort when eating. Its presence also adds a touch of culture and character to your home. Let's create a meaningful and cultural dining experience by equipping your dining table with Indonesian-made cutlery from IKEA!

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