Create a comfortable sofa in the family room with Indonesian made chair cushions

The family room is a key element in any home. Everyone dreams of having a comfortable and attractive family room in their residence. This is because the family room becomes a favourite place to relax and enjoy moments with loved ones.

One important factor to ensure maximum comfort in the family room is the sofa used. Besides having a minimalist design, a sofa should have a soft and plush surface, an ergonomic sitting position, and should be accompanied by chair cushions to provide extra comfort.

If your family room sofa is not yet equipped with chair cushions, IKEA Indonesia proudly offers Indonesian-made chair cushions that perfectly complement your sofa. Curious about the Indonesian-made chair cushions provided by IKEA Indonesia? Check out this review.

Available in various shapes

Indonesian-made chair cushions come in various shapes, such as circular and symmetrical square. If your sofa seat is square, you can choose square-shaped chair cushions. If the sofa seat is round, then you can choose round-shaped chair cushions.

You can also apply an asymmetrical principle by choosing chair cushions that differ in shape from the sofa seat, adding aesthetic value. Another interesting option is to combine different shapes of chair cushions on one sofa.

For example, if your sofa has three seats, you can complement it with two square cushions and one round cushion, or vice versa. This method can also provide unique and interesting aesthetic value.

Varied colour options

In addition to shapes, the colour options are also varied. The Indonesian-made chair cushions from IKEA Indonesia come in a range of attractive bright colours. You can choose a single colour for all cushions on the family room sofa to give a minimalist impression.

Combining different coloured chair cushions can create a beautiful and cheerful artistic blend. If you prefer a combination of base colours and patterns, you can choose chair cushions with interesting colours and motifs.

Best quality materials

The primary consideration when adding Indonesian-made chair cushions to your family room sofa is the extra comfort they provide. Therefore, these chair cushions are made from high-quality polyester fibers.

The polyester material conforms to the body shape when used, providing good support while sitting. This ensures extra comfort for your family room sofa. So, explore and choose the chair cushions that suit your taste and needs by browsing the Made in Indonesia Product line from IKEA.

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