Which IKEA products? Getting to know IKEA Indonesia line of local products

Many people know that IKEA is a leading company from Sweden that operates in the home furnishing sector. IKEA offers a variety of high-quality furniture products with a modern minimalist design to make daily household activities easier and more practical. 

IKEA also introduces the latest innovations in various product lines, such as multifunctional furniture, integrated and modular storage solutions, and a variety of household appliances that provide solutions for every room arrangement and interior of your beloved home.

Similar innovations are also presented by IKEA Indonesia to its loyal customers in Indonesia. However, the question arises, "Does IKEA Indonesia also play a role in promoting local Indonesian products?"

Although IKEA originates from Sweden, IKEA Indonesia also advances several local Indonesian products. This is evident from several IKEA Indonesia products that are made in Indonesia. Curious about what IKEA Indonesia products feature local lines? Let's check out the following review.

Rattan and palm leaf woven products

These products are not unfamiliar to Indonesians. Using basic materials such as rattan and palm leaves, these products are rich in Indonesian nuances. The basic materials are woven by skilled Indonesian hands into various quality and functional products.

IKEA Indonesia provides several products resulting from this weaving process, such as storage boxes, multifunctional baskets, placemats, and storage for important documents. Available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, you can choose these woven rattan and palm leaf products flexibly according to your taste and needs.

Children's activity support products
IKEA Indonesia cares about the imaginative and creative childhood phase. Therefore, locally made products such as small children's benches, children's tables with chairs, and dollhouses are provided by IKEA Indonesia to support your child's activities.

These children's activity support products come in various shapes, bundling options, and storage formats, making it easy for you and your beloved child to choose products that suit your preferences and needs.

The size, adjusted to children's body postures, provides extra comfort when used for activities. Made from pine wood found in various regions in Indonesia, they offer a beautiful and durable sturdiness.

Comfortable chair cushions

Comfort during relaxing moments with family or friends is also a concern for IKEA Indonesia. Thus, IKEA Indonesia provides chair cushions that are also made in Indonesia. These chair cushions come in many color options that you can choose flexibly.

You can choose one color to create a minimalist ambiance or combine several colors to create a cheerful atmosphere. So, not only comfortable, but these locally made chair cushions can also enhance the aesthetics of your living or family room.

Various mattresses and sofas

Other locally made products provided by IKEA Indonesia include various mattresses and sofas. Available are various spring mattresses, foam mattresses, and foldable mattresses that you can choose according to your needs.

These mattress variants come in many size options, making it easy to choose to complete the bedroom. There is also a foldable guest mattress, which you can bring out when needed, carry anywhere, and store easily without taking up much storage space.

There are also locally made sofa beds that are multifunctional. Besides being comfortable for just sitting, this product can also transform into a bed, providing extra comfort for your rest moments.

Children's plush toys

Complementing your child's imagination and creativity, IKEA Indonesia also provides various plush toys that are also made in Indonesia. Several types of plush toys are available, such as various animal plushies, finger puppets, and imitation food and shopping baskets that can make your child's playtime even more enjoyable.

Enjoy moments with your beloved child by spending time playing together. With various locally made plush toys from IKEA, you and your child not only play but also interact more deeply with full affection.

Various carpets and mats

Talking about enhancing the comfort of every room in your home, IKEA Indonesia also provides high-quality locally made products in the form of various carpets and bathroom mats. Available in various sizes, shapes, colours, and motifs, you can choose freely according to your taste and needs to match the room's interior.

Not only do they enhance comfort when stepping on them or sitting on the floor, but these locally made carpets also improve the visual beauty of the room. Isn't there a variety of interesting and functional local products? For more, you can explore IKEA Made in Indonesia product lines, and choose and own according to your preferences and needs.

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