IKEA Restaurant and Café


IKEA Restaurant and Café
While you’re at the store, take some time to relax and refresh in the IKEA Restaurant. Pop in for a quick snack or stay for a leisurely breakfast, lunch or dinner – the whole family is welcome. Among the Swedish-style dishes and local specials on the menu you’ll find healthy food options for vegans, so everyone leaves satisfied. Menu varies each day, while stocks last.

Food is too precious to be wasted

Every day, about one third of all the food produced around the world is thrown away. Being careful with resources is a core value for IKEA, so we keep record of all the food we throw away during the day, and analyse the reasons why. That way we become a bit better every day in planning our offer – and save tons of food from being wasted. The goal is to cut waste, and also to inspire our customers to think about how to throw away less food at home. Let’s be part of the solution together!

People & Planet

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