On the factory floor

Creating better solutions

Good design must be affordable to a wide range of people, not just a lucky few. Together with our suppliers, we apply new materials and innovations to offer better products for lower prices and to make it affordable for the many.

Low prices are a natural part of the IKEA concept
To lower costs, we always look for new ways to make our supply chain more efficient. Large orders make it possible for us to cut prices without compromising on working conditions, quality or sustainability. Our suppliers, like us, make profit from high volumes rather than high margins.
Did you know?

IKEA forms long-term partnerships. On average, we work together with our suppliers for 11 years.

Did you know?

In 2015 we produced 6.5 million legendary BILLY bookcases.

Saving our customers time and money

We constantly question existing solutions. By making our furniture easier to assemble, our production more efficient and by improving our packaging for easier transport, we save time and money for our customers.

Cutting down assembly time

A small ribbed fitting makes assembly process simpler and easier than ever. It took several years to transform the idea behind this solution into a market-ready product.

Great design at a great price. Our product developers, technicians and suppliers teamed up to make a complex manufacturing technique affordable. The result is FJÄLLBERGET, an office chair that combines comfort and quality withgreat design.

Innovations for affordable design

All people have the right to good design at affordable prices. To achieve this, we use the right combination of 5 elements: form, function, quality, sustainability and a low price. We call it Democratic Design.
Learn more about Democratic Design

Innovations for sustainability

Making more from less goes back to our roots. Together with our suppliers, we try new ways to make more out of the resources we use by improving production processes, avoiding waste and reinventing materials. Using resources more efficiently is not only good for the planet, but for cutting costs as well.


 Saving for a not so rainy day. Together with our biggest textile supplier, Hilong in China, we transformed the textile dyeing industry by introducing a new fiber dyeing technique that cuts water consumption by 80%.

Not just your ordinary rug. TÅNUM is a hand-woven rug made of recycled cotton from our own operations. More than 90% of its material is leftover fabric from our bed linen production. The production is not only a way to turn waste into a resource, it’s also strengthening craftswomen’s position in the society in Bangladesh.
An engineer with passion for wood. In partnership with our Romanian supplier Aviva, IKEA developed a new material called “engineered wood.” Engineered wood makes it possible for us to reduce wood consumption by more than 60%.

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